The Trail Starts Here!

Sonot and WM100 Race wax recommendations

The temperature during the race is forecast to be old snow and 0-20 degrees.

Clean ski

Base Glide Wax: One layer of LF Gray (Moly), This will improve break-a-way  speed and repel dirt. You can do this now. It will also slightly soften the glide wax used next.

Glide Race Wax: Toko LF or HF Blue. Swix LF4  or HF4 would be my second choice. Toko typically runs better on old snow. The HF waxes are better at repelling dirt and water. This keeps the bases cleaner and will be faster at the end of the race.

Top Coat: JetStream Red Bloc Ironed on. If you are using a top coat you will have better glide over a wider range of conditions and you will notice the difference more later in the race when other skis are slowing down. You could also mix the red and blue.

Kick Zone: (after all glide waxing is done) Lightly sand kick zone, Iron in Toko Green Binder medium layer slightly shorter them you hard wax kick zone. If you do not have your kick zone clearly marked specifying  klister, binder and hard wax zones bring in your cleaned skis and we will mark them for you for free.

KIck Wax: over the binder apply two layers Toko Blue or VR40

Structure: Universal cold grind (Dunner) is a great structure to start with. If more structure is needed it will be added to the recommendation later. Any added structure would be a pressed in structure and would be done after all the glide waxing is done.

Notes; Stone grinding should be done annually. It removes dried surface base material, cuts in fresh structure and flattens the bases. This makes the skis absorb glide wax better, glide faster, improves stability and tracking,  and makes them easier to wax.  It does require a fair amount of waxing afterward to get the skis running fast. It is not to late but we need to skis by Wednesday evening.