Bike Car Racks by Saris

Saris 3-bike car trunk rack

Alaska doesn’t just have great cycling in Fairbanks. Sure if you’ve got it into you can ride to Denali National Park and other places, but sometimes it’s better to get in the car to drive to your cycling destination. Valdez, Seward, Anchorage and many other locations have amazing trails and road cycling available to us. So make sure your car is equipped with the best car rack from Saris! What do we have in stock?

Saris SuperClamp EX 2-Bike

SuperClam EX 2-bike car rack

A transport rack built with your bike in mind. This lightweight and versatile platform hitch rack is ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice whether you have an 1-1/4″ or 2″ hitch.

Saris Bones 2-bike

Saris Bones 2-bike trunk rack

The iconic Bones rack has been a cornerstone of bike racks for decades. It’s a tested statement of style, design, convenience and durability.

Bones 3-Bike

Saris Bones 3-bike car trunk rack

The Bones is more than just a good-looking car rack. It’s a tested statement of style, design and durability.