About Us

Goldstream Sports is built around one simple principle: taking personal experience and using it to provide top-notch customer service. We stand behind the brands we sell because we use them. We are able to talk to customers at all skill levels, discuss ways of improving their experience, and reach their goals.

The need for this kind of customer service is what prompted owner Joel Buth to open shop in 2005.

His extensive background in bike and ski allowed him to open a multi-sports store that has expanded with the needs of the community. Nestled in the base of Ester Dome, the 2,323 foot climb that is part of the famous Equinox Marathon, brought the needs of local runners. Joel responded by adding a run department in 2012.

Posterity is the mindset of Goldstream Sports. We seek to build bike and ski trails that can be used for generations to come. Our staff participate in many advocacy projects and with several athletic organizations. Likewise, we invest in our future through safety programs such as bike rodeos throughout the year.