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A Runner’s Race Report Fat Biking the White Mountain 100

I am a runner first and foremost, but with my work at Goldstream Sports I have taken up more cycling and skiing when the opportunity presents itself. I’ve been working on getting better at Fat Biking. For those of you unfamiliar with Fat Bikes, it’s a bike with an extremely wide tire made for riding through snow covered trails. In March I participated and completed the White Mountain 100 on a Fat Bike.

After fat biking the White Mountains 100 for the first time this year, I noticed some differences compared to running 100 miler races in other states.  You definitely finish a lot sooner, which is nice, but it is a different mindset.  There is a lot more power involved, and I felt sore in different areas than running.  It was a different challenge for me.  Overall the experience was great, and I really do enjoy fat biking for cross training and enjoyment!  Next attempt at the White Mountains 100 will for sure be running it, because all of you know…..I am a Runner at heart!!! 

–       Stacy Fisk, Running Department Manager at Goldstream Sports