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Goldstream Sports Fairbanks, AK

711 Sheep Creek Road
Fairbanks, AK  99709


M-F:  12-7
Sat:  10-5

Classic Trail Donation

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Arch Request Form

Goldstream Sports provides a decorative inflatable arch at the end of many run, bike, and triathlon races in the Fairbanks community. Requests are on a first come, first serve basis; and filling out the arch request form below will allow us to schedule the arch (and staff) as needed.

Goldstream Sports Arch

Name of Event:*
Contact Name:*
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How many participants do you expect?*
A rough estimate is okay
Date of Event:*
Location Arch is Needed:*
Please describe location:*
This information is needed to determine if we need stakes or sandbags to hold ropes in place.
What time frame do you need the arch?*
Please allow time for arch setup. Also identify a time when we can expect to break-down/pick-up the arch
Will a volunteer be available for arch setup?*
It takes two people for setup and breakdown

Note: * indicates required information.